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1 thing you'll regret the most

Hey guys! It's vadiq here, and in this post I'm going to share you 1 thing you'll regret the most.
The thing is loosing your opportunitites to do something you wanna do. No matter how old you'll be you will regret you have never tried something you was thinking the most of all through many years.
Each of us has our own thing we wanna do, but always sending this thing to a dark room in our head. Maybe it's changing your work, visiting a country, creating your family, learning a new profession, buying a car and so. For me it was learning the new profession. I was thinking about that between 17 and 26 ages of mine, - so, during 9 years! But I never tried. And when I was 26 years old I already was regreting I didn't start in my 17 years age. But I started when I was 26 years old. And today, when I'm 29 years old it brings me a lot of joy, money, freedom, new opportunities. And I continue achieving new levels on this way. Many people was laughing on me, saying I have no chances and so. But it on the contrary helped me, being additional motivation. Of course it was not easier way, but when you love the things you do, it's like interesting adventures.
So here is good news! You can't return the time from your past, but at the same time you can't use your time beforehand! So, just start today, if you wanna - start right now, and you won't regret in the future! This is the main line of this site - there is always right time to start! See you! Let's go!

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