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400 days can make you very healthy

Just imagine how healthier you can be if you will make some very simple things. I always thought that there isn’t enough resources and possibilities for living healthy life that I ever had. But one day my mind was so surprised, because I opened at least 5 simple things which have everyone. And this can make your life healthier and full with good feelings.

Smoking. I never was depended of smoking but sometimes I used cigarettes. One day I asked to myself: “is there some things that I lack for not smoke? Need I money or time or something else for not smoke?” Of course for this you need nothing – just deciding to stop doing it.  

Alcohol. The same situation like with smoking. I really understand that a bit alcohol may be good for health but much of it won’t make something good.

Sleeping. You should sleep 7-8 hours every day. And this is so simply and usual. You need no money and nothing else for good sleeping.

Calm down. Just try to be more calmly and don’t argue with someone. This will help you take care by yourself and save your nervous system in strong state.

More vitamins. Why is the thing last in this list? Because all people have different possibilities for getting healthy meals. But one thing is very clear – you have enough opportunity for refusing the unhealthy food like sugar meals, fast-food, and so. And instead of that get some more healthy food like curd, meat, cereals, eggs, fruits and vegetables.

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