If you want - then you are right ...


Fear is your best friend

If you want to be not afraid of something then you should try it! This is the most beautiful thing I ever saw. Only with help of fears we can achieve big aims and make progress every day. Because we very fast get used to be in comfort zone and don’t go out of comfort line. But this is not good situation which always stop us from making first step to trying things that we are afraid of.

Fear is your best friend and if you are afraid of something then you should go inside that. But be attentive and take care when you doing totally all.

I have some memories from my childhood. I was afraid of darkness and some noises very much. But when I checked out what is going on then I noticed that there isn’t any ghosts and all noises are as result of physical processes (for example when temperature grows or downs then physical things changing their shape and because of that occur some noises). Or because of my imagining I heard many different scary noises. But was enough to go inside to the dark room and see that all is okay and fear disappear.

The same situation is with our plans to do something big. But we are afraid of something always. And there is some problems or excuses which always stop us from doing the first step to our big aims.

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