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Flying in the clouds vs. DREAMS

Definitely you will hear from someone that you should dream and don’t betray your dream. But someone on the contrary will tell you that you shouldn’t have any dream. No matter what other people say! Be ready to think by yourself and widely. And don’t confuse flying in the clouds with really dreams!

First off you have to find the right way where you can succeed and use all potential you have. Don’t put attention on other people way and so. You have your own way – just look for it. Of course you can fly in the clouds and confuse it with a dream. It isn’t bad because at least you can try and if you fail then just continue seeking your true dream. For instance, you heard very good singing by someone and really want to be like it. Okay! Just try! Don’t fly in the clouds. And if you haven’t enough good voice then it isn’t true way for you – you will feel that! Keep up seeking. And one day you will find your real dream.

Sure, on the way to your real dream you will fail also. But you won’t lose your opportunities and your real dream will become true. You will see that. Just trust yourself and don’t listen to other people.

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