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Healthy meal for 3 days in one hour

There are two very important things in our diet (ration). The first one is eating healthy meal as often as possible. The second one is stability in quantity of eating – it should be 3-5 times per day – you should know that or ask an advice to your doctor if you have some problems with health.

For me there were always some questions about our possibilities to eat only healthy food. I thought that healthy meal costs a lot of money so I’m sure many people think in the same way. But it isn’t true, because there is enough meal that all people can afford themselves. Here is very simple answer – all products which won’t make you healthier don’t cost money! It helps me very well in my choosing what to eat.

Also there was a problem with quantity of eating. Our life is very fast and many times we haven’t enough time for cooking healthy meal or buying prepared healthy food. So because of that one day we eat very well but another day we can’t do that. So I discovered a very simple solution for myself. Maybe it will help you also. In the evening time (or in the morning) I spend about one hour for cooking healthy meal for 3 days. I cook meat, something with cereals, necessarily cabbage salad. After that I divide this meal for servings and keep them in special food plastic ware in the fridge. So only one hour of cooking and you can forget about getting meal for 3 days. It works very well and makes your days more productive and happy.

For breakfast I usually make something on eggs base or home cheese, or porridge. It requires about 5 minutes. Dinner is very easy and may contain some fruits or milk with home cheese.

So each of us has about 720 hours a month. And only 10 hours we need for cooking healthy meal (it’s approximately 1.4% of our all time). I spend more time for doing nothing and this makes me to feel myself too lazy. But these 1.4% of all time we have should be spend for cooking healthy meal because on this way we get a lot of cool things like good health, energy, great mood, good looking, well sleeping, confidence, saving time and money and so.

Soon I will share with my cooking recipes and other ideas about this topic.

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