If you want - then you are right ...


How far are you ready to go?

A lot of people really want something but always pass it away. Why it happens? Let’s we try to figure out this question, at least we’ll make some steps.

Obviously it’s hard to go through obstacles and get that you really want. The easier way is stay at the place and do nothing for achieving our targets. We are afraid to make the first steps because we aren’t ready run into new adventures. How far are you ready to go? We always imagine a big picture and don’t believe that it can become in reality. Because of that we forget about our dreams very often. Imagining a big and beautiful picture is also important thing, but at the first place stays our persistence and nature. It can be developed doing small things. For example, – keeping your room in cleanness. Next time when you will clean your room ask yourself – have you finished all work 100 percent or something could be better. You should finish everything to the last! Better would be to separate tasks and finish them one by one, and be sure you made all 100%. Try to skip your habit to think “it’s enough” because there is always a possibility to make your work better. It works in any direction, no matter clean you a room or save the world.

Starting a task even if it’s very usual and simple work you should be ready to go very far. Only this way can help you in developing your persistence and character. When you learn to be totally in process and finish all tasks to the last, then your fears disappear. You become confident and start making first steps to the “big picture”.

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