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The right way to start your day

There is very interesting expression “How you will start your day so it will go”. You might continue lying in the bed for some hours and think about many not important things. And this won’t help you to achieve your aims. Besides in this way you will lose motivation and good mood for the day. We should work every day and the right way to start your day is the most important thing in making progress.

You should seek and find the right way for starting your day by yourself. There isn’t any universal advice. Maybe for you a cup of coffee will help to start working. But definitely you must do something after waking up. And first steps should be made as soon as possible.

I find an interesting and healthy way for starting my day. To be honest I always was lying in the bed after waking up, and thinking about different things. But this always stole my time and motivation. But now after waking up right off I wash my face, drink a bit water and go for a short walk. Some time I visit my stadium and do some simple exercise because I also do hard scheduled exercise. That takes about 20-30 minutes but works very well.

After the short walk and some simple exercise my mood and body is in very good condition. Then the breakfast also is tastier. And starting the working day is easier. Besides these advantages you also get very healthy and productive day!

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