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There are no victories without losses

There is nothing bad in fail. Everyone encounters with losses. The main problem is what you do in such situations. You can accept this like an experience or test but also this may destroy your dreams forever.

On my way always occur a lot of losses. Honestly it spoils my mood and makes me want to do nothing. But I noticed one interesting thing – there are no victories without losses. After that my view to the fails, mistakes, losses (we can name such things whatever we want) changed immediately and totally. In other words it became as a helper.

 You should make progress and continue going ahead although some fails or problems. Difficulties are your helpers, and if you won’t take well such tests then you never achieve your big aims and dreams.

Also one interesting thought is that many small fails lead to the big victory. To see that you should continue working and overcoming any difficulties and problems. Any progress was always due to problems in my experience. Just I was always afraid of problems and taking responsibility, but now my eyes are open and I take all difficulties as a good possibility for growing up. It is really beautiful because with understanding this you can travel on your own way to the big aims and nothing can disturb you!

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