If you want - then you are right ...


Try all you really want

Just tell me how much times did you want to make something and never tried? I’m sure there were a lot of times and maybe you continue pass out your desires. Why it does happen? Maybe you are afraid of new things or aren’t confident in yourself. Maybe other people are laughing at your thoughts. No matter, because you should try all you really want.

Starting from little things which are interesting to you, opens new possibilities and definitely it will change your life in better direction. I will share with you one example which had happened on my way. Although I am old enough I had a desire to buy a skateboard and learn to ride. Really I haven’t any idea why it was born in my mind, but during a month I was thinking about that. I thought maybe it isn’t good idea, and better will be spending money to more helpful things and so. But one day I was walking with my friends and saw a skateboard for sale. There wasn’t time to think and I bought this skateboard immediately. My friends were laughing at me. After two months I rode the skateboard already fairly confidently. To be honest nowadays I don’t use this “foot car”, but I’m sure these skills will remain with me to the last of my days. Do I regret what I bought? Of course – NO. I wanted this, tried, and got joy. And now my mind is free for new ideas, so I never come back to this think.

For finding your own way you should try all you really want, even very small things. And don’t be afraid if these things will become not interesting to you. There are a lot of opportunities between which you will find right things to yourself! Go ahead and never stop, try all interesting things you meet on your way.

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