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Use 100% of good mood now

Hey guys! Today I just wanna tell you very interesting thing I discovered for myself. And it’s using 100% of your good mood now – today! Having good mood fill you with energy, creative, desires to do something interesting that will approach you toward your goals. And very important thing is using this time immediately because it can’t be every time. Definitely sometimes you’ll feel yourself tired and without mood for doing something. It’s totally normal thing because one day or a bit more will pass and you’ll have good mood again. Try to do as much things as you can! It will help you in future to go out from bad mood faster and easier.

Just try watching yourself: is it hard to do something useful when you have good mood? Of course – NOT. You can work even 10 hours or a bit more. Just do it. One gold principle I learned – no matter how you look, what other people think about your habits and goals, no matter how big success other people achieved in the directions you are going in, no matter what advices you get from your friends or relatives. The most important thing is believing in your choice, and trusting your own way. You should clearly know what you really want, and there is nothing that can stop you. It is your life, and the best way fill it with true joy – is going through your unique way.

So, if you have good mood, then just do things you really like with your whole heart. If you have bad mood, just relax, because it’s temporary stuff.

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