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You should start now and immediately

Of course you do have some ideas, dreams, interests for doing something. No matter how we call this – dreams or targets. Definitely there is two ways – start your way to achieving these goals or leaving that for later. There is always right time to make first step and this time is – now. Leaving for later won’t bring anything good. Why are we afraid of first step so often? You should answer for this question by yourself.

-You have doubts.

-You think now is not right moment to start.

-You compare yourself with someone.

-You are depended on the opinions of other people.

-You don’t believe in yourself.

We can continue but for me this list is full enough. I just tried to be honest with myself. Having doubts is normal thing. Because it happens with everyone. And sometime you should have doubts. But in case of starting your way to the goals and dreams you shouldn’t have doubts, at least you have to try. Only with trying you can find the right way. If you find right way already then you just keep up hard working every single day.

Definitely you can think that now is not the right time to start, but all we have is the moment “now”. The sooner you start the faster you will reach your goals and will make your dreams reality. Why do we think that now is not good moment for starting our way to the dreams? For me always it was something like lack of resources. Also I often thought that maybe now it is so late because I had many years and lost my chances. But this is not true! All this what happened in the past also isn’t true, because we don’t have that. We have a moment “now” only, which is full with different possibilities. I really understand that now I have a source of limitless possibilities and only I can decide how much of them will be taken.

You always compare yourself with someone and try to live like someone. But answer for this question: “Do you want to live beautiful and your own life?”. If yes then you shouldn’t try to live like other people. Of course you should get some advices and see the experience of other successful people. But it doesn’t mean that you have to do all things like other people did. You have your own life – your own way.

If you will try to achieve some goals repeating others people experience then likely you will fail. Maybe it will happen in the way of spending more time for work or on the contrary you even won’t approach the goal. But maybe you will feel yourself without some joy and so. All this is no matter because it looks like you lived other people life and tried to achieve other people goals.

Always I was depended on the opinions of other. Why? I found answer in my fear to decide by myself. Maybe because of lack of experience I was so afraid of deciding by myself. But this is our life and in your own way you can get experience and learn to decide and grow up and become mature. If you are full with fear that’s is ok. Just don’t be afraid. Try to find your way and make your decision by yourself. Of course it will be hard, but only in this way you can learn to trust yourself and broke up with depending on the other people opinions.

The hardest thing for me was believing in myself always. But just one question could help me. Why I should accept advices from other people only? Because I do can trust myself and make right decision. And just observation could help me in making me believed in myself. All successful people trust themselves and believe in themselves. But what is the success? It is other question and everyone should find answer by yourself.

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