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Your responsibility for your level

Level you are on is totally depended on your responsibility. There is nobody guilty in your fails and low level. Your fears, doubts, uncertainty and so aren’t interesting for somebody. You should take full responsibility for the place where you are now. Only after that in front of you open big possibilities.

I know, there are often hard moments to take responsibility, but you shouldn’t be afraid of making these steps. But I have very good news for you – there is some ways to develop your skills of taking responsibility. For instance, you can start from very simple things like cleaning the kitchen or walking every morning. Don’t argue, don’t think that you clean for someone and don’t let the weather spoil your plans and so. Just say – here is the place and I must keep the purity here – today I must walk at the morning and no matter snowing or raining outside. Eventually you will see how you become braver and be able to take responsibility for more serious things.

Once you learn to be responsible you always will be able to jump to a new level and nothing will stop you on your way to big aims.

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